Life In Spain: Reasons To Live Here

Life in Spain can be great. This is why we are among the top 3 most visited countries every year. We are also one of the most welcoming one; 12% of the population is from abroad. To give you an example, around 375,000 British, almost 200,000 Germans and 175,000 Italians live in Spain.

There are many reasons why our visitors think Spain is one of the best places to live. I have summarized some of them. If you live in Spain and can think of additional reasons, let me know.

Life In Spain: Climate

One reason why holidays in Spain are so popular is because of the country’s spectacular weather. It is very probable that during your holiday to Spain you will enjoy a spring climate. Actually, the Spanish Mediterranean and the South have the best climate in Europe.

Life In Spain: Spanish Diet

You have surely heard of the benefits of the Spanish diet (also known as Mediterranean diet). It is based on olive oil, fresh fruits, fish, vegetables and even wine. You read it right, experts recommend drinking a glass of wine every day.

While you are here, enjoy our popular tapas as you refresh yourself with some sangria. Or you might try some jamon and a delicious gazpacho in a bar off the beaten track.

Life In Spain: Diversity

Spain is incredibly diverse. We like to say that we have several countries in one as we have beautiful beaches to relax and amazing mountains to practice trekking and ski. We even have 3 national languages apart from Spanish (Catalan, Gallego and Basque).

This diversity is not only visible in the landscape and the weather, people are also quite different too. You’ll notice that the accent is softer in the south. In the north people are a little bit shyer and they speak less (well, less compared to the Spanish average!).

Life In Spain: Life Outside

We spend a lot more time outside than at home. We are lucky enough to have a great climate that allows us to spend most of our free time outdoors. We love to socialize in a bar or a restaurant and yes, food is very important in our culture!

And even if the weather is not so good, you should go to the north. People go out no matter if it rains, there is a storm or wind… I’ve experienced it myself…

Life In Spain: Language

Did you know that Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language in the world as a mother tongue (first being Chinese Mandarin)? And that it is the 2nd most studied language after English? In fact, it is spoken by around 500 million people.

If you are looking to learn Spanish, living here will give you the chance to interact with native speakers and sign up for a Spanish language course. Of course, you can always try to study it online but coming over will be much more fun. You will discover a unique country with a very special culture.

Life In Spain: Spanish Culture

Spain has been conquered by Romans, Barbarian tribes, Moors (almost 8 centuries!) and even French. Our culture is the result of a curious mixture between all of them. You will see the influence of these cultures in our language, mainly based on ancient Latin but with many Arab words
architecture, as you can see it in Italica or the Alcazar in Seville
food in which our most important ingredient is olive oil
You can visit museums, castles, palaces and enjoy the amazing legacy we have inherited during centuries.

There is something that makes Spaniards unique: our schedule. We tend to live our normal life a little bit later than in the rest of Europe. Especially when it comes to meals, do not expect to have lunch before 14:00 and dinner before 21:00 (sometimes even 22:00 in summer).

Life In Spain: Spaniards

We are generally described as nice and funny. Warm and welcoming, we have a very strong sense of family and we tend to gather often to share a meal. We also have an incredible sense of humor and we tend to laugh (too much) at ourselves.

Of course, the stereotype is that Spain is a laid-back place where no one works very hard and the pace is slow. As it happens, you’ll find all kinds of people.

And knowing that during the summer temperatures can reach up to 40ºC (104ºF), it seems pretty normal that your body rhythm slows down. Siestas are common (especially for children) just to avoid the hottest part of the day. Anyway, I have always worked during the summer (I like to take my holidays during the low season) and a lot of people don’t take a siesta!

Spanish life – seven things to do if you want to live like a local

Moving to a new country, away from your culture, can be a daunting prospect, and infiltrating a community there, even more of a challenge. As one of the only Brits living in my little town in southern Spain, I know this from experience. Here are my tips:

Speaking louder and slower in English? Stop

Spanish is a hard mistress but alas, your first, unavoidable, step. You will spend hours bashing verb conjugations into your slowly imploding brain and it will be painful.

Expat: friend or foe?

A common mistake people make on their arrival to strange lands is to head for the nearest Irish pub. Some smoky bacon crisps and a pint of lager while soaking up the familiar homely lilt of the barman is enough to warm the cockles of even the hardiest expat.

Clocking off

It’s a little known fact here in Spain that doctors will make three appointments at the same time, just to ensure someone turns up. To say that Spaniards take a relaxed approach to timetabling, would be an understatement.

It’s a family affair

The concept of family is infinitely more tangible in Spain than most places and this can take some getting used to, particularly if you have a Spanish partner. Grown-up children still go to eat at the mother’s every lunch time and it’s not at all uncommon for four generations to live under one roof.

Sharing is caring

Any possessiveness I might have felt about food in the past has quickly dissipated since living here. When going out for tapas with a group of Spaniards, each throws their two-cents worth in and a mish-mash of stuff gets ordered.

Turn water into wine

Like Jesus, Spaniards understand the importance of wine. They are justifiably proud of the Riojas and Riberas produced by their vines, unashamedly drink loads of it and scoff at the UK recommended daily intake scaremongering.

The sacred art of the siesta

If you are after a pint of milk between 2 and 5pm, forget it. Most Spanish towns are deserted during these hours with shops shut up and blinds down. The siesta is so firmly entrenched in the Spanish way of life that you may as well join the club because, let’s face it, there’s not a lot else to do.

Hilarious Unicorn Onesies And Pajamas Comparison That Will Shake You

Onesies are comfortable clothes for sleeping and relaxing in the form of popular cartoon characters and funny animals. Fashion for them came to us from Japan. Earlier, animators were so called there, who entertained the audience at various events dressed in life-size puppets-characters. Their popularity did not pass by the Japanese fashion designers, who eventually created everyday onesies pajamas. They were enthusiastically received by the advanced Japanese youth and soon the fashion trend spread throughout the world, including in America. Now they are popular with both children and adults, they are worn at home, for themed parties, pajama parties, children’s parties. They are relevant wherever there is no need for a dress code. Comfortable style allows not only sleeping in these pajamas, but also to skate and snowboard. Wherever you are, you will be the center of attention! Due to the really large selection of characters in the catalog of our store, everyone can buy pajamas to their liking.

It is necessary to care for unicorn onesies rather carefully, because it is not a composite onesies of several parts, but a Onesies, created as a whole, according to the principle of onesies. If the onesies gets dirty in one corner, you need to wash the entire costume.

They are convenient and easy to wash in a machine with medium spin, or by hand, and ironing is not required at all. After the machine wash the costume turned inside out at 30 ° C and without bleaching, it is sufficient to simply send the onesies for drying. This is a long process, because the whole costume should dry out. Have to wait from 3 to 10 hours depending on the model! Summer Onesies dries much faster, whereas almost completely closed winter options take time and patience to dry.

Onesies do not need to be ironed, because their fabric is not wrinkled and after washing, when properly hung, it smoothes itself. Onesies, of course, require care, but the associated hassle is minimal. Onesies is as bright and outrageous as it is easy to care for and wear.

Japanese culture is rich and diverse in images, colors and the dynamics of fashion. Onesies are a bright in all senses. Attracting the attention of the crowd, charging space with the energy of joy, delight adults and children, costumes in the form of cartoon characters conquer the whole world. Adults and children, housewives and clerks, artists and athletes, travelers and fashionistas everyone succumbs to the charm of onesies in a funny onesies. Such popularity implies frequent wear of onesies and, as a result, the need to properly care for them. Onesies are for adults and for children, winter and summer.

Onesies are costumes of animals and characters from animated films. They appeared in Japan in the early 2000s, and now you can buy them in almost every corner of the planet, including in America. For example, the online store is ready to offer a wide range of products at affordable prices and fast delivery. If you have always dreamed to try on the image of a dinosaur or Pikachu for a short while, you will simply choose a suitable onesies and you will be delighted when you approach the mirror. The name of the costume is derived from the words “kiru” (worn) and nuigurumi (soft toy). Initially, such outfits were worn only by animators who entertained children in parks and shopping centers. But the Japanese youth liked the Onesies so much that the boys and girls began to sew them for themselves. Onesies are especially popular with fans of anime and cosplay.

The growth of popularity, in turn, led to the launch of mass production and now thousands of units of similar products are produced annually in the Land of the Rising Sun. There are two main types of onesies: One piece onesies. A distinctive feature of such outfits is a high level of detail. The hood, which is part-time head character, will be charmingly equipped with surround ears, eyes, nose, teeth and other elements. Most often, these onesies are used when it comes to costume parties or conventions dedicated to video games or comics.


This option cannot boast the same careful attention to detail, but it is made from semi-natural or natural materials. Therefore, in this onesies, you can easily be throughout the evening or night. Warm and soft onesies is especially nice to wear when the temperature outside the window drops well below zero degrees Celsius. Contrary to popular stereotype, onesies are not only children and teenagers. In order for some time to reincarnate in your favorite character, it is not necessary to fit into a certain age category. Everyone who has been to Japan will confirm that the local society is extremely tolerant of the desire of people to bring a little variety in their lives. On the streets there without problems you can meet an adult male in Winnie-the-Pooh onesies or a young mother who wore a Tigers costume.

Are American onesies different from Japanese?

If we talk about the quality of sewing, then this is all right. It is not necessary to order an outfit in Japan and pay for expensive delivery. But one difference does exist, namely the presence of unique characters. Only in our country you can buy Onesies with the heroes of American folk tales and American cartoons. Keep this in mind if you suddenly want to buy such a onesies for yourself, a child or, for example, one of your friends and you can get it from as well.

Care for Onesies needs special attention. Incorrectly adjusted modes of the washing machine can do irreparable harm. Since, Onesies is a uniform costume, and then if a small part gets dirty, you will have to wash it completely.

We recommend washing in a washing machine, set the delicate mode, the temperature is 30-40 degrees and separate from other things. Spin expose at minimum speed. No bleach cannot be used. After washing, onesies should be allowed to dry out the dryer and hang on a rope. Drying takes 5-10 hours, depending on the model. It is not necessary to iron the onesie, since the fabric is not wrinkled after washing. To smooth out, you just need to hang it correctly. Do not dry on batteries.

At first glance, showing complex care, in fact, requires minimal hassle. Follow expert recommendations and then your Onesies will serve and will delight for a very long time.

What are distance bracelets?

Different types of Bracelets and their details you should know

The first question comes from the beginners is what are distance bracelets? The distance bracelet is a paracord braided closed by a stainless steel shackle or a plastic clip clasp. This bracelet is as beautiful as a great use in survival or during outdoor activities such as explodes or camp.

This bracelet is ideal for campers, hikers, sportsmen, soldiers, hunters, fishermen and also any self-respecting scout!

Pleasant to wear, this survival bracelet will be your ideal partner in all emergencies. For example imagine yourself exploring in the forest when suddenly your lace breaks! Thanks to your bracelet, you have a spare lash on you! A tent tension that has disappeared, a bag strap that lets go it can be used for everything! Once undone, you will always have the rope available on you and will be able to use between 2 and 4 meters of useful rope ultra solid and flexible (length depending on the model of bracelet and your wrist turn).

It is made of Paracord 550: it is a lightweight, robust and elastic stranded nylon rope, originally used for American parachute hangers during the Second World War. She is able to withstand 250 kg load!!

Price level, a plastic clasp costs between 0.20$ and 0.30$, a stainless steel shack about 2$ and the paracord costs about 0.25$ the meter for the cheapest, which makes this bracelet very affordable, useful and fun!! It takes about 12 cm of rope for 1 cm of final bracelet.

Finally the most important: braiding technique:

This node (COBRA node) is one of the most basic, it will take no more than 10 minutes to complete, which is useful to quickly redo it once loosed:

  • Fold the rope in 2. Make a loop and slide it into one of the ends of the clasp (pay attention to the direction of the clasp).
  • Pass both ends of the rope through the loop and pull until the assembly closes the clasp (be careful that the ends are at the same level).
  • Separate the two parts of the clasp and slide the one that is not fixed until the desired bracelet length and leave an addition of about 3cm (measure at the loop to the base of the clasp).
  • Pass the string to the left, under the 2 middle strings, forming a loop on the left
  • Slide the rope on the right under the rope you just passed to the right, then below the 2 middle strings and in the left loop. Pull the rope to the right and to the left, so as to tighten the knot on the clasp.

Presentation of the survival bracelet

In the movies or through the shows dedicated to our soldiers, you could not help but notice the bracelet they had on the handles. Know that it’s not just a decoration bracelet. This is the survival bracelet, also called commando bracelet.

A multi-purpose commando bracelet

It is not about any rope since the survival bracelet is made with special parachute ropes. Its solidity is therefore foolproof. The supported load is 250kg. It can easily support the weight of 2 medium-sized adult men hanging in the air.

The length of the survival bracelet’s rope averages 3 m, which allows it to hang from a tree, from a high rock to abseil. With a survival bracelet, you can build a makeshift hut without having to search for creepers.

Among the possible uses, this bracelet paracord can also be used as links to build a raft, to make a spear to hunt or defend you. The survival bracelet is very useful as a survival weapon. In short, this rope truly ensures your survival in a hostile environment.

A bracelet with specific braiding

Braiding this paracord should not be done anyhow. The rope must be small enough to be worn like a bracelet. The braid must especially be easily defeated to allow you to react quickly.

Choose your survival bracelet

Present in all shops dedicated to survivals, the choice of the survival bracelet deserves special attention. First, make sure that the rope used is certified and that it is a parachute rope. There are indeed rope bracelets made with other kinds of rope, less solid and less effective.

Accessories also vary. Some military bracelets are equipped with whistles, always useful when you get lost to signal your position. You can also hang any kind of useful gadgets on your survival bracelet. Finally, the mode of closure can be important. Some models are closed only with the rope.

Tip: The total length of the rope is also of paramount importance, some models offering a rope well below 3 m. In order to increase the usefulness of the survival bracelet, prefer a model with closure by mountaineer loop, very useful in many circumstances.



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