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Amazing Matryoshka Dolls That You Need In Your Life

This is a symbolic doll of Russia. Generally available in several sizes, it is called matriochki when it is offered with different templates. It is the representation of the family and more specifically of the mother of the members of a family. Its origin dates back to the 19th century when the largest of the dolls referred to the Matriona, name regularly chosen in Russia but Japanese origins are also attributed to it.

The principle of this object is to accommodate within it dolls smaller and smaller representing children and the last symbolizes the baby. Soviet grandeur is thus recalled in every home. The smile and the shimmering colors make nesting dolls, a model of joviality and protection. For all members of a family, it allows to develop logic and motor skills but also to express a sense of security. Whatever the age of the person, who acquires a Russian doll, the benefits are equally important. However, before you make the purchase you need to know what does matryoshka mean and so you will be having your solutions there.

Quality products

Great care is taken in the making of dolls because many decorative details are inlaid. In addition, each model reveals a true identity as the colors and patterns are expressive. They are real artists who make the models. The nesting dolls that is offered for sale online is a product entirely handmade and of Russian origin. Each model is unique. It is the linden wood that is chosen for the sculpture of the figurines. After the application of the paint on very precise drawings, a varnish stabilizes the creation and guarantees a beautiful shine. All materials used for decoration are of high quality. This makes the liveliness of hues unalterable over time.

Original dolls

In addition to the classic nesting dolls, animal models or “fairy tales” make it possible to satisfy the curiosity but also the aspirations of the customers. They are made in the same respect as traditional products. The dolls fit together from 3 to 12 pieces. They are decorated with identical motifs. For the classic versions, red and black take precedence and many colors come into the composition of all the models presented for sale online. Both play and decorative object, the collection nesting dolls finds its place in every room of the house.

Models with different functions

Hide or carry a bottle, suggest a game idea for young and old: these are attributions that support the original dolls of the collection available for sale online. Although different forms and functions can be attributed to the collection nesting dolls, the decorations they enjoy always tell a period of life. It is based on Slavic legends and religion. For Russian children, it is at school that they are underlined the importance of the representation of these dolls. Values ??such as patriotism and motherhood are privileged. She would evoke that truth is always hiding in the same way that an egg reveals something unexpected.

The nesting dolls are the object of a respect of craftsmanship. Each model is preserved before and during delivery. It is accessible very quickly. Different rates are proposed so that all those who are passionate about this universe are satisfied. The online sale nesting dolls is protected and payment is made safely.

Russian dolls from Japan

Apparently, the nesting dolls are from Japanese lands and it was not until the late nineteenth century (around 1890) that they arrived in Siberia. There are different theories about how they arrived in Russia: they say that during a Japanese art exhibition, they represented Fukurokuju, they say that the owner of a toy store has adapted them to Russian culture. We find many stories about these dolls in Russian literature.

The truth is that it is not in Russia that the Russian dolls were born. They were imported from Japan and later adapted. If you’re interested you can get these dolls at

Where does the name come from?

It is said that at the end of the nineteenth century one of the most common names for Russian girls was “Matriona” and, in order to adapt these dolls to the culture and habits of Russia, they were awarded the name of “Matrioshka” preserved until today.

The symbolism of nesting dolls

The nesting dolls symbolize motherhood and fertility. The fact that the little dolls are placed inside the larger ones symbolizes the fact that the mother gives birth to a daughter, the daughter gives birth to another daughter and so on. These dolls also suggest the idea of ??wealth and eternal life and these Russian dolls have always transmitted a simple and eternal message of friendship and love.

Development of nesting dolls

These Russian dolls began to be a craft object, which in Soviet times (especially Perestroika) began to occur in series for the purpose of spreading them to the West. At present, we are back to the origins and the nesting dolls (besides being a souvenir for the tourists who visit Russia) are considered as artisanal toys, all different from each other real masterpieces. If you would like to read similar articles to what is the story of nesting dolls, Russian dolls, we recommend you to consult the category Culture and Society.