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What are distance bracelets?

Different types of Bracelets and their details you should know

The first question comes from the beginners is what are distance bracelets? The distance bracelet is a paracord braided closed by a stainless steel shackle or a plastic clip clasp. This bracelet is as beautiful as a great use in survival or during outdoor activities such as explodes or camp.

This bracelet is ideal for campers, hikers, sportsmen, soldiers, hunters, fishermen and also any self-respecting scout!

Pleasant to wear, this survival bracelet will be your ideal partner in all emergencies. For example imagine yourself exploring in the forest when suddenly your lace breaks! Thanks to your bracelet, you have a spare lash on you! A tent tension that has disappeared, a bag strap that lets go it can be used for everything! Once undone, you will always have the rope available on you and will be able to use between 2 and 4 meters of useful rope ultra solid and flexible (length depending on the model of bracelet and your wrist turn).

It is made of Paracord 550: it is a lightweight, robust and elastic stranded nylon rope, originally used for American parachute hangers during the Second World War. She is able to withstand 250 kg load!!

Price level, a plastic clasp costs between 0.20$ and 0.30$, a stainless steel shack about 2$ and the paracord costs about 0.25$ the meter for the cheapest, which makes this bracelet very affordable, useful and fun!! It takes about 12 cm of rope for 1 cm of final bracelet.

Finally the most important: braiding technique:

This node (COBRA node) is one of the most basic, it will take no more than 10 minutes to complete, which is useful to quickly redo it once loosed:

  • Fold the rope in 2. Make a loop and slide it into one of the ends of the clasp (pay attention to the direction of the clasp).
  • Pass both ends of the rope through the loop and pull until the assembly closes the clasp (be careful that the ends are at the same level).
  • Separate the two parts of the clasp and slide the one that is not fixed until the desired bracelet length and leave an addition of about 3cm (measure at the loop to the base of the clasp).
  • Pass the string to the left, under the 2 middle strings, forming a loop on the left
  • Slide the rope on the right under the rope you just passed to the right, then below the 2 middle strings and in the left loop. Pull the rope to the right and to the left, so as to tighten the knot on the clasp.

Presentation of the survival bracelet

In the movies or through the shows dedicated to our soldiers, you could not help but notice the bracelet they had on the handles. Know that it’s not just a decoration bracelet. This is the survival bracelet, also called commando bracelet.

A multi-purpose commando bracelet


It is not about any rope since the survival bracelet is made with special parachute ropes. Its solidity is therefore foolproof. The supported load is 250kg. It can easily support the weight of 2 medium-sized adult men hanging in the air.


The length of the survival bracelet’s rope averages 3 m, which allows it to hang from a tree, from a high rock to abseil. With a survival bracelet, you can build a makeshift hut without having to search for creepers.

Among the possible uses, this bracelet paracord can also be used as links to build a raft, to make a spear to hunt or defend you. The survival bracelet is very useful as a survival weapon. In short, this rope truly ensures your survival in a hostile environment.

A bracelet with specific braiding

Braiding this paracord should not be done anyhow. The rope must be small enough to be worn like a bracelet. The braid must especially be easily defeated to allow you to react quickly.

Choose your survival bracelet

Present in all shops dedicated to survivals, the choice of the survival bracelet deserves special attention. First, make sure that the rope used is certified and that it is a parachute rope. There are indeed rope bracelets made with other kinds of rope, less solid and less effective.

Accessories also vary. Some military bracelets are equipped with whistles, always useful when you get lost to signal your position. You can also hang any kind of useful gadgets on your survival bracelet. Finally, the mode of closure can be important. Some models are closed only with the rope.

Tip: The total length of the rope is also of paramount importance, some models offering a rope well below 3 m. In order to increase the usefulness of the survival bracelet, prefer a model with closure by mountaineer loop, very useful in many circumstances.